The NAC reported on the defeat in Dagestan linked with ISIS “sleeping” .

In Dagestan branch of the FSB and the Russian interior Ministry stopped activity of conspiratorial cells, the soldiers that were connected with the international terrorist organization ISIS (the activity is prohibited in Russia). This is stated in the press release of the National antiterrorist Committee.

The group included four inhabitants of Dagestan. In the course of a special operation three militants were detained, one was killed in armed clashes.

As explained by the press service of the company, the security authorities received information about being in a private house on the Buynakskaya street in the city of Derbent, one of the members of the gang. “Private house, in which he took refuge, was blocked. The surrounding area is cordoned off, inhabitants of nearby houses evacuated.On the legitimate demands of law enforcement officers to lay down their arms and surrender, the offender opened fire on the security forces. In the ensuing becontact bandit was neutralized,” — said in the message.

Simultaneously with this operation in other locations, police detained three members of the group about the circumstances of their detention are not reported.

“According to reports, all of them were included in the so-called sleeping bandit cell associated with ISIS, and involved in armed attacks on the local population,” — said the NAC.