Trump called on to investigate a wiretap of his conversations with Obama before the election

The US President Donald trump called on Congress to investigate the abuse of powers of administration of the former head of state Barack Obama, who allegedly had his phones tapped during the election campaign. About this in his Twitter wrote the press Secretary of the trump Sean Spicer.

He said that reports of “potentially motivated political investigations” before the election is worrying.

“President trump asked that in the investigation of the activities of the congressional committees on intelligence has fulfilled its oversight and found out whether there was a violation of Executive powers in 2016,” wrote Spicer.

He noted that neither the White house nor the trump would not comment on the situation until the investigation is completed.

On the eve of the US President Obama accused of tapping his phone in October 2016. According to him, former U.S. President listened to the conversations in the Trump Tower, where his campaign headquarters.

“I bet a good lawyer could blow a big deal out of the fact that President Obama used to listen to my phone in October right before the election!” — added trump.

He did not lead any evidence, however, compared this case with the Watergate scandal.

The official representative of former U.S. President Kevin Lewis has denied these accusations. He said that neither Obama nor any other White house staff “never gave instructions to carry out wiretapping of American citizens”.