WP announced plans to significantly strengthen American force in Syria

According to The Washington Post, citing sources in the Washington administration, the Pentagon proposed a new plan of attack on Raqqa, which is considered its capital, the militants of the “Islamic state” (is prohibited in Russia organizations). It provides for the strengthening of the American group.

In particular, it is removing a restriction in the number of American commandos and military advisers. Currently, the Syrian democratic forces to help about 500 people. The Pentagon plan provides that they will have to be closer to the front line, although not taking direct part in hostilities.

In addition, the war office suggested that the Kurdish and opposition groups additional weapons: attack helicopters and artillery.

The Pentagon has been preparing this plan for about a month, and in the beginning of the week gave it to Donald Trump for a detailed study.

The publication notes that the adoption of the plan is disadvantageous to Turkey, which sees the Kurdish armed groups as a threat and is strongly opposed to the transfer of additional weapons. But in Washington, suggested that the tough stance of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is primarily aimed at domestic consumption and is associated with the upcoming April 16 referendum, in which citizens will approve or reject the increase of his powers.

While Americans have to take into account the fact that moving to the East with the support of the Russian space forces, the government army of Syria is becoming the de facto buffer between the Pro-Turkish troops and Kurdish militias. In particular, they approached the city of Manbij, capture, who the Kurds in Ankara was considered a threat to its security.