France will abandon electronic voting in the parliamentary elections

The French authorities decided to abandon the electronic voting in the upcoming parliamentary elections to be held in June 2017. The Republic’s authorities have taken this step because of the high level of cyber threats. This should be posted on the official website of the foreign Ministry of France.

As explained by the Secretary of state for foreign trade, tourism development and abroad of the French Matthias Fekl, for such measures the authorities of the Republic went after the recommendations of the experts from the National Agency for information systems security that warned of “extremely high risk of cyber attacks that may disrupt the elections”.

The responsibility for organizing voting, which will take into account the right and the voice of every voter, will take over the Ministry of foreign Affairs and international development of France.

The electronic voting system was established in France in order to ensure the realization of electoral rights living abroad of their citizens. It was first tested in the parliamentary elections in 2012 in one of the electoral districts outside the Republic.

The first round of legislative elections in France scheduled for June 2017. Before that, in late April, will vote in the presidential election. At present, the electoral campaign by four candidates: the leader of “National front” marine Le Pen, which, according to recent polls, is the most popular politician in France, the candidate of the “Republican” Francois Fillon, candidate from the party of “Forward!” Emmanuel macron, as well as the candidate of the Socialist party, Benoit Hamon.