Medvedev has proposed to apply the blockchain to get rid of bureaucracy

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed the Ministry of communications and the Ministry of economic development to consider the use of blockchain technology in the context of the Russian economy, the correspondent .

“The order I signed is the development of a smart economy. This task is devoted to a separate section of the comprehensive plan of actions of the government. We are talking about that as quickly as possible to create conditions for the integration of various digital technologies, and one of these breakthrough technologies is the technology of the blockchain” — said the Prime Minister at the meeting with Deputy Prime Ministers.

Medvedev noted that this tool is already used by major banks, corporations and some States. “Technology special, let me remind you, it eliminates the presence of middlemen. The authenticity of the transactions is confirmed by members of the network, since there is no single repository of information, it’s all broken down into blocks, then rewrite this information without the knowledge of others or somehow introduced there is impossible,” — said the head of the Cabinet. He also added that blockchain can contribute to “freeing business from unnecessary bureaucracy”.

Ministry of communications and Ministry of economic development will have to consider the possibility of applying blockchain technology in the preparation of the programme “Digital economy”, which will be included in a comprehensive plan of actions of the government in the years 2017-2025. “We need to analyze how this applies in our system of government and Economics. In any case this topic is new and popular,” — said Medvedev. He also added that the plan is necessary to attract the Expert Council under the government, various scientific and public organizations, the business community.

The main measures that will be included in the comprehensive plan, Medvedev presented on February 27 at the Russian investment forum in Sochi. In addition to creating infrastructure for the introduction of the digital economy we are talking about creating a sustainable environment and improving labor efficiency. Under the stable environment, explained the Prime Minister understood the stability of the macroeconomic dynamics and stability of business (a sustainable system of tax and non-tax payments and tariffs of natural monopolies, principles of control and oversight measures of state regulation).

With regard to labour productivity, in Russia there is a shortage of qualified personnel, Medvedev said. Government will help citizens to realize themselves, but will also attract specialists from other countries, he said. In turn, the “Smart economy” involves the introduction of electronic technologies in all spheres of the economy.