Moscow will speed up the resettlement of residents from prepared for the demolition of five-story building

Moscow authorities intend to reduce the terms of construction preparation for the demolition and resettlement of 25 million square metres of five-story building. This was told to journalists on 6 March, the head of the Department of construction of Moscow Andrey Bochkarev, reports .

To begin the construction work, now have to spend three years to perform all procedures in accordance with the legislation, said Bochkarev. We are talking about the registration of land, coordination of communications, the relocation of tenants. All these steps are important, but to implement large-scale programs need to examine how it can reduce their duration, the official said. Have, in his words, to amend the relevant legislation at the Federal level.

House demolished in two weeks, new built in 10 months, and resettlement takes two years, said Bochkarev. “It is planned to change the way the processes that lengthen the planning, design and construction,” said the official. According to him, the five-story building will include the demolition of hundreds — not lots, and neighborhoods, said the head of the Department. Part of the tenants may be relocated in houses that are already built at the expense of the city.

The necessary amendments to the programme to demolish five-story building is planned to be adopted in the autumn. In drafting the law will participate the Moscow government and deputies, the speaker of the Moscow city Duma Alexey Shaposhnikov. The Deputy head of the city planning Commission Oleg Soroka noted in conversation with , that being the formation of the concept of the program and developing amendments to the Federal law. According to him, the program of demolition can enter not only the five-story “Khrushchev”. “It is now planned to perform the entire housing stock built at that time. No matter two, three, four or five floors,” — said the Deputy. The decision to include house demolition will be based on the technical condition and the views of residents. According to the magpies, may be subjected to a “continuous survey” of residents.

Demolition can be included in the panel of the nine-storey building, located in the “five” quarters, wrote “Vedomosti”. Bochkarev, responding to a question about nine-storey houses, said that if such a building is located within the quarter five-story building, then it “will decide”. In a press-service of the Department of construction said that while we are talking only about the demolition of five-story building.

Member of the Commission of Moscow city Council on town-planning Andrey Klychkov said that the law can be amended, which will allow demolition and construction of new homes contributions for the repair, you already paid the residents of the five-story building. According Klychkov, the area of demolished houses is 25 million square meters, and the rate for the repair — 15 rubles. per meter. Thus, the monthly contributions can reach 375 mln. “Very few homes transfer money to the special account. Basically, the tenants pay into a common pot of funds for capital repair, which is similar to the structure of the pyramid, and any withdrawals in two years or a year will lead to collapse if no decision about increase of tariffs”, — said Klychkov. In late February, Deputy Minister of construction and housing Andrey Chibis said that the contributions can either be returned to the tenants or to make any other goals, for example, investment in new housing.

Municipal Deputy of the Gagarin district of capital Elena Rusakova in conversation with noted that the residents are the owners of not only apartments, but also communal property and the land under the house and around it. A poet under the current legislation for settlement requires the consent of all owners. For the mass demolition of houses, non-emergency, you want to undo the provisions of the Housing code that protect the right of the owner to common property and land. “For the demolition of dilapidated houses to change the law is not necessary. The Commission recognizes the emergency shelter and begins the process of resettlement. Tenants have several options, and if several owners expressly disclaim all, they can be evicted according to the court,” said Rusakov.

About the plans to demolish all of the capital’s five-story building was announced in late February at the meeting of President Vladimir Putin and mayor Sergei Sobyanin. The program will affect eight thousand houses, which are home to 1.6 million people. To demolish and resettle “Khrushchev” is planned at the expense of the city. Authorities promise not to send residents of “settlements”.