Rogozin urged to displace foreign aircraft to the Russian market

At the meeting of the aviation Board, Vice-Premier Dmitry Rogozin called on the Russian airline to gradually withdraw from the operation of aircraft of foreign manufacture, reports TASS.

“We need to continue to create the conditions for a deliberate, phased in 10-15 years, the transition to the exploitation of mainly Russian aircraft,” — said Rogozin.

Currently, as noted by Deputy Prime Minister, in Russia annually produces about 30 passenger aircraft, which is 20 times less than the volume of production from Airbus and Boeing. While Russian airlines have practically ceased to buy the Il-96-300, Tu-214, Tu-204, preferring foreign aircraft. In particular, in the Park of long-haul aircraft 80% of the ships produced abroad. This situation, according to Rogozin, has developed over the last 15 years.

Vice Prime Minister stressed that the owners of the leased aircraft may revoke them at any time, and manufacturers — to remove from service. Therefore, the issue of changing the structure of the fleet “desperately overdue”.

Rogozin suggested to develop measures that will encourage airlines to use domestic aircraft, and introduce new support mechanisms for Russian manufacturers.

In April 2016 Rogozin announced plans to oust Boeing and Airbus the Russian market. He noted that the relevant decision “has in fact accepted by the President.” A situation in which the Russian fleet was dominated by foreign court, he called a “disgrace”. “Well that’s a shame. In a country with so many time zones we fly on foreign boards that are no better,” — said Rogozin.

At the same time Vice-the Prime Minister proposed to substitute for its production of Ukrainian engines for civil aircraft, which, he said, will allow Russia to release a niche of medium-haul and short-haul aircraft.