The media learned about the Russian hackers extorting money from critics of trump

Russian hackers have organized a series of attacks on American organizations of the liberal persuasion, demanding a ransom for the non-disclosure came as a result of e-mail hacking and network applications (in particular SharePoint, which allows you to share Microsoft Office files) confidential information, Bloomberg reported, citing sources familiar with the FBI and private security companies.

According to the Agency, among the victims of ransomware has appeared, in particular, the Washington analytical center for American Progress, whose members harshly criticized the administration of U.S. President Donald trump and advocate a thorough investigation of the relations of his inner circle with Russian officials.

Bloomberg also cites an example in which the hackers demanded a ransom payment from one of non-profit organizations, found in her data to discuss with the sponsor the use of grant funds to cover some of the expenses of participants of protest actions against the policy of trump.

According to the Agency, in several cases the hackers managed to achieve payments of redemption, which amount ranged from $30 thousand to 150 thousand According to a Bloomberg source familiar with the investigation, the money has been paid in bitcoins.

The FBI declined to comment on Bloomberg new cyber attacks. However, the Agency’s experts note that the methods of work of unknown hackers resemble the actions of the members of the group Cozy Bear breaking into computer networks of the Democratic party on the eve of the US presidential elections, 2016 and suspected in ties with Russian secret services.