The party will ask the election Commission to form the independent regions election commissions

The party will ask the election Commission to form the independent regions election commissions

The Vertical Of The CEC

Central electoral Commission Chairman Ella Pamfilova continues a series of meetings with leaders of political parties to gather suggestions for changes in the electoral law. Monday, March 6, the head of the CEC will meet with the leaders of the environmental “Green” party, “Patriots of Russia” “labour Union”, the Russian party of pensioners for justice “Civil force”.

One of the main claims of the representatives of the parties for the pressure that local officials have in the regional PEC, informed the meeting on 6 March.

Affiliation of election commissions with local authorities often negates the efforts of the CEC in the fight against corruption, said the Chairman of the Russian ecological party “Green” Anatoly Panfilov. The situation can be saved only by establishing the vertical of power, the leader “Green”.

The representative of “labor Union” Alexander Klastorin said that he witnessed violations of the election in Dagestan in 2016. “The facts of inappropriate behavior of PEC members on the ground were observed, he said. — An example is the number of violations in the Republic of Dagestan, on which the PEC or do not respond, or took the side of the violators”.

Because the authority of the CEC over the regional commissions need to be strengthened, agreed and the source of the “Patriots of Russia”.

On 7 February the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky has suggested that Ella Pamfilova to introduce amendments that would have created a vertical of election commissions. “The CEC is elected at the meeting of the lower house of Parliament, or Federation Council, and then to the destination. Then it will be a single vertical electoral power,” — put forward the idea of Zhirinovsky.

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Against the municipal filter

Another claim of the representatives of the parties for the filter at the election of the Governor, which requires you to collect signatures of municipal deputies to register a candidate for Governor.

“The collection of signatures — this is the main problem,” — said Panfilov. According to him, the collection of passport data to the signature sheets “unrealistic”. By law the referendum must specify the signature sheet with your passport details. Panfilov believes that the abolition of the municipal filter would be the ideal solution to this problem.

Agree with him head of the Central Council of Pensioners of Russia Vladimir Burakov. “The first question is about the collection of signatures. This is the main issue that bothers each batch, and passing this filter is very difficult,” he said . Another issue of the municipal filter, according to Burakova, connected with the verification of signatures. He is sure that often the graphologists do it “superficial” or allow violations as are associated with the regional authorities.

“Of course, we insist on the abolition of these requirements”, — said the representative of the Russian Pensioners. Beetroot and Panfilov said they were going to raise the question of abolishing the collection of signatures during the official meeting with Pamfilova.

A source in party “Patriots of Russia” also spoke out against the municipal filter. Klyashtorin of the “labor Union” shares the view that election laws in gathering signatures for political parties “need to simplify”.

Earlier Pamfilova met with the leaders of PARNAS, the Party of growth, “Fair Russia” and the Communist party. They also opposed the ideas of the municipal filter, which Gennady Zyuganov called the “method [for the party in power] to humiliate their opponents.”

Senate amendments

On Friday, 3 March, Senator Andrei Klishas and Anatoly Shirokov submitted to the state Duma a package of amendments to the electoral laws. These are mainly about changing the legislation related to presidential election. The authors of the document proposed to abolish absentee ballots, “disaggregated” polling stations and to expand access to elections observers. Requirements change the rules of collecting signatures in the package of amendments no.

The representative of the Association “Golos” Gregory Melkonyants said that these changes, in his opinion, “are not of revolutionary character, with the exception of the abolition of the absentee ballots.” “The rest of the items are local, point changes of the law,” he added.

Political analyst Nikolai Mironov assumed that all points of the amendments are aimed not at increasing the transparency of the elections and to increase turnout, which is necessary to the Kremlin in presidential elections.

Answering the question, are there any plans in the near future, a new modification of the electoral legislation, including those associated with the collection of signatures for candidates for Governor, Secretary of the CEC, Maya Grishina said that she has no such information.

“I would have thought that now all the work must focus around those projects, which included, she said. Are members of different factions can amend. So all will be able to change what you see fit, while this work enough.”