In Syria killed a soldier of a private military company from Russia

In Syria 20 Feb killed Russian Vasily Urlin, says a group of independent investigators armed conflict Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT), referring to the post of “relative or friend” in social network “Vkontakte”, which was also published in the Togliatti community veterans ‘ organizations.

CIT photos Jurlina concludes that he was a paratrooper. As for proof of military service in recent years, the group is not found. “This leads to the assumption that Basil Urlin as Ivan Slyshkin, who was killed on February 12, probably was a fighter “Wagner group,” concludes CIT. Defense will probably not confirm the death Jurlina, say investigators.

The circumstances of the death of the military is unknown. The funeral, according to CIT, will be held on Wednesday, March 8, in Togliatti.

Niece Karina Jurlina military confirmed the death in Syria of his uncle. “He’s a contractor, he went to serve in Syria and died 20 Feb. This was reported to parents at the end of last week,” she said. She also confirmed that the funeral will take place on 8 March.

The father of the deceased said that he was in a private military company.