Media found a new “dirt” on presidential candidate of France’s Fillon

French weekly Le Canard enchaîné in its new issue will publish a new “dirt” on the candidate in presidents of France from the party “the Republicans” françois Fillon. The publication says that Fillon in 2013 received an interest-free loan of €50 thousand from businessman Mark Lagree de Lacharriere and did not declare it.

According to Le Figaro, the latest issue of the weekly will be released on Wednesday, March 8. The publication claims that Fillon “not considered necessary” to enable these €50 thousand in its income statement.

In an interview with Le Canard enchaîné Fillon’s lawyer Antonin levy said that the candidate “fully repaid” the loan.

Le Canard enchaîné at the time he published the first “dirt” on the visit which resulted in a criminal case. We are talking about information according to which Fillon as the French Parliament in 1998-2002, allegedly fictitiously employed his wife Penelope as his assistant.

The publication noted that in itself the employment of relatives is not a crime. However, as wrote the weekly, no results of operations of Penelope Fillon could not be found, which speaks in favor of the release of her fictitious employment. The Fillon denies the allegations.

However, French prosecutors opened a formal investigation against “unknown persons” on charges of embezzlement of public funds, misuse of public funds and complicity in the concealment of these crimes. It soon became known that in this case the Fillon Fillon handed a summons to appear March 15 in court for arraignment.

All of these events had a negative impact on the ratings of Fillon, however, to leave the presidential race, he refused.