North Korea has banned citizens of Malaysia to leave the country

As reports Reuters with reference to the official news Agency KCNA of the DPRK, North Korean authorities temporarily banned the citizens of Malaysia to leave the country. This is explained by the desire to ensure the safety of diplomats and citizens of the DPRK who are in Malaysia.

North Korea’s foreign Ministry informed the Embassy of Malaysia about the government’s decision and expressed hope that the dispute will soon be resolved in the interests of the development of relations between the two countries.

Meanwhile, the head of the Malaysian police Khalid Abu Bakar said that two citizens of the DPRK, which law enforcement authorities would like to question in connection with the murder of his brother, North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Nam, is currently holed up in the Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

The official found it difficult to assume, how long the suspects will hide in the territory of the Embassy. According to him, representatives of the North Korean authorities did not cooperate with the investigation.

Previously, Malaysia had left the North Korean Ambassador Kang Chol, who was declared a persona non grata. The latter accused Kuala Lumpur of colluding with external forces to investigate the death of Kim Jong-Nam.

Brother of North Korean leader died at the airport in Kuala Lumpur on February 13. According to investigators, an unidentified woman threw in his face the handkerchief which has been soaked with poison gas.

The DPRK authorities initially denied that the deceased was a brother of Kim Jong-UN, and then stated that the cause of death of their citizens became heart problems. While in Pyongyang called a violation of the law the fact that an autopsy on the deceased in an airport men took place without the consent of the Embassy and without the presence of its representative.