Party trump presented its project to replace Obamacare

Members of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress from the Republican party presented a draft of health care reform, which will replace the adopted ex-US President Barack Obama’s massive reform Law health and social insurance (known as Obamacare), reports The Washington Post. The basic idea of the new 123-page law — reducing the role of Federal funding in the provision of medical services and insurance, said the Associated Press.

Under the bill, Federal subsidies of health insurance in the United States will be replaced by a new form of tax credits and grants to States, which will allow them to form their own policy in the field of health. The developers hope that this step will reduce public spending on medicine.

The Central thesis of the new law — the cancellation of penalties, which the US government applied to Americans who have not received it by his employer and refused to buy it yourself.

The US government will no longer impose penalties on individual citizens, but will encourage them to purchase insurance, allowing insurance companies to apply a 30% markup on the insurance plans if it turns out that their clients make big breaks between the acquisition of insurance.

In addition, the new draft retains the two most popular provisions of the old reform Obamacare. One of them allows you to include in insurance of parents of children under the age of 26 years, and another prohibits insurance companies to use higher interest rates to calculate the cost of insurance for people who have previously identified serious and chronic health problems.

According to The Washington Post, the bill represents the first published version of the law that should replace the health care reform Obama, and represents a “best attempt” by Republicans over the past seven years.

Earlier, the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress took the first step towards the abolition of the health of President Barack Obama. To start the cancellation procedure adopted under Obama’s health care reform, voted by 227 members of the house of representatives, against – 198.

The US President Donald trump has signed a decree on the reform of Obamacare immediately after his inauguration on January 20.

The published project is only the first version of the healthcare reform, which has promised to hold a trump during his election campaign. Answering the question of when the reform is ready, trump said that the development of the law may continue up to 2018, but soon after, the speaker of the lower house of Congress Paul Ryan vowed that Republicans will prepare a law before the end of 2017.

Currently in the United States continues to operate a large-scale reform Law health and social insurance (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the ACA “Obamacare”), signed by President Obama on March 23, 2010.

The law tightened the rules for companies employing more than 50 people, requiring them to compulsorily provide insurance plans for all employees. He also ordered all Americans who work for smaller businesses or not working at all, to buy insurance plans at their own expense. “Fine” citizens for refusing to purchase insurance, is calculated in two different ways — as a percentage of total family income or in absolute terms per person. US citizens who do not have insurance are required to pay annually or $695 per adult (and $347,5 per child) or 2.5% of family income — whichever amount is higher.