Recognize “conspiracy” in the system of doping, the head of RUSADA resigned

The acting General Director of the Russian anti-doping Agency (RUSADA) Anna Antselevich resigned. About this TASS said the head of the Russian Paralympic Committee (RCC), Vladimir Lukin.

It is not known who will perform the duties of Antselovich after her departure. On the eve of the General meeting of founders of the Agency.

At the end of 2016 Antselovich in an interview with the newspaper The New York Times said that in Russia there was a system of doping. “It was an institutional conspiracy,” then said she. At the same time, Antselovich stressed that the authorities were not involved.

Later in the statement RUSADA said that the words of the head of the Agency were distorted and taken out of context. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin “is not inclined to take” information The New York Times as “the source”. He called to check the validity of words Antselovich.

In response, the journalist Rebecca Ruiz, in contrast, said that quotes Antselovich properly recorded. Ruiz wrote that Russian officials spoke about the lack of doubts about the existence of doping system, however, there is doubt whether it was supported by the state.

“I asked [an honorary President of the Olympic Committee of Russia], Vitaly Smirnov, was appointed [President] Vladimir Putin is this true. He said “Yes,” wrote Ruiz.

Q&A: six questions on doping in Russia and not only

In November, the 2015 Commission of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) has published a report which said that the International athletics Federation in Russia were violated. Because of this, according to WADA, not to speak of the existence of the efficient anti-doping program.

After this report of RUSADA suspended its activities.