The DPRK called for the purpose of rocket launches training strike at US bases

In an official statement, the North Korean Agency KCNA said that the DPRK leader Kim Jong-UN inspected a launch of four missiles, the aim of which was an exercise for possible strike at American bases in Japan.

“In the hearts of the gunners had a burning desire to mercilessly strike back at the warmongers, who are jointly conducting military exercises. Kim Jong UN gave the order to constantly be ready to occupy positions and their fire to destroy the enemy”, – stated in the message KCNA, quoted by Reuters.

The KCNA statement also indicates that in the current extremely tense situation, a war could begin at any moment.

Earlier, the Ministry of defense of Japan stated that running the DPRK rocket fell into sea about 300 kilometers from the Northwest coast of the country. Tokyo and Washington have already called for an emergency meeting of the UN security Council to discuss the situation.

At the same time the White house declared intention to direct to South Korea THAAD missile system to protect against missile threats from the DPRK.

On March 2, The Wall Street Journal reported that in the US considering use of force against North Korea for the change of political regime in this country. According to the newspaper, the North Korean issue was recently discussed a new administration in Washington with its allies in South Korea and Japan.

In late January, the South Korean Agency Yonhap reported on the establishment in Korea of two ballistic missiles, which in theory could reach the United States.

During the election campaign, Donald trump criticized the policies of previous administrations, referring to the Korean shores warships carried out joint military exercises with Seoul. Dissatisfaction billionaire was the fact that the “rich South Korea are reimbursed in all fairness US all that Washington has done for her”.