The foreign Minister of Venezuela called the President of Peru, a dog and a coward

As reported by Reuters, the foreign Minister of Venezuela Delcy rodríguez urged to be sensitive to the Peruvian President, because he’s already old. “He’s a good dog that wags its tail in front of the American imperialists and offers to arrange an intervention in Venezuela. He was alone, pacing like crazy, and it no one pays attention,” – said the diplomat.

Rodriguez scolded Kuchinsky and for criticizing the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. “I at the recent summit in Colombia have called him a coward, doing the same now. Kuchinsky Senor, you are a coward who dare to tarnish the memory of our commander Hugo Chavez”, added the Minister.

Dissatisfaction Rodriguez called Kuchinsky recent speech at Princeton University, where he described South America as an obedient dog, and Venezuela as the only major problem on the continent.

Peruvian authorities have already expressed protest regarding the statements of the Venezuelan Minister, considering them invalid. According to the Peruvian edition of Andina, in Lima had already decided to withdraw its Ambassador in Caracas for consultations.

Kuczynski, a former investment banker working on wall Street. He was elected President of Peru in the past year.