The Iraqi army drove the fighters from government buildings.

As reported by Reuters, the rapid response unit stormed the building where he worked before the government of the province of Nineveh, whose capital is Mosul. According to the representative of the elite unit of Abdel al-Muhammadawi, the commandos managed to clear and nearby government buildings, destroying dozens of terrorists “Islamic state” (is prohibited in Russia organizations).

Yesterday evening, the Iraqi military said that they managed to break through the defensive positions of the terrorists to vacate the headquarters of the Mosul police and the court and very close to the narrow streets of the Old town – the historical heart of the city.

According to the Iranian Fars news Agency, the militants were surrounded, continued to offer stubborn resistance of the Iraqi troops. They undermine buildings and send soldiers with car bombs, suicide bombers driving. Of these machines destroyed from the air.

In addition, the militants are actively using snipers, thus trying to prevent the advance of the army.

The operation to liberate Mosul began at the end of last year. During this time, the army was able to occupy areas of the city on the East Bank of the Euphrates international airport, as well as the Western part of Mosul.