In the Netherlands, suspected U.S. interference before the parliamentary elections

American neo-conservative David Horowitz has written to the leader involved in the presidential race in the Netherlands: the freedom Party of Geert Wilders the $150 million It does not violate the Dutch rules, however, may be contrary to us law and also of concern in the Kingdom, writes The New York Times.

As follows from documents seen by the publication, the Fund Horowitz sent money to Wilders for two years, with almost $120 million was provided in 2015, which was the largest donation to political organizations in the Netherlands this year.

“Is foreign interference in our democratic system,” — said the publication of Ronald van Raak, member of the Socialist party of the Netherlands, advocating for a ban on foreign donations. “We would have thought that aliens are interested in our policy. Perhaps we underestimated”, he added.

As noted in the article, in accordance with the laws of the United States Fund for Horowitz may not provide funds to political organizations. “U.S. internal revenue service [IRS] considers charity exercised by the political organization as a violation of the Federal tax rules,” said the newspaper Marcus S. Owens, partner at the law firm Loeb & Loeb and former head of the IRS.

The President of the Foundation Horowitz Michael Finch said The New York Times that the money was sent to the Wilders for the needs related to trial and “were not political donations.”

Horowitz in an interview with the publication said he believes Wilders a hero and supports him. “Geert Wilders is a hero. And I think he is a hero, the most important battle ever — the battle for freedom of speech,” said Horowitz, adding that the situation in Europe a “nightmare”.

Parliamentary elections in the Netherlands on March 15. According to polls, anti-Muslim Wilders ‘ party ranks second, trailing the ruling people’s party for freedom and democracy, headed by Prime Minister mark Rutte.