The media learned about FBI training to find the source of leaks to WikiLeaks

The Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) of the United States began preparing for the search of the source providing the information on programs of the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) WikiLeaks. It is reported by The Washington Post, citing sources familiar with the situation.

According to them, the leak is “stunned” by government officials. Currently they are trying to assess the damage from future publications, the promised WikiLeaks, told the newspaper.

As notes the edition, at the moment it is unknown, has sent the CIA to the U.S. Department of justice report on the possible damage to national security leaks. Such formal action is necessary to ensure that the FBI began its investigation. The CIA and the FBI declined to comment.

Before WikiLeaks published the first batch of leaks from the center kiberrazvedki CIA, which includes more than 8.7 million documents and files. Published documents, in particular, indicate the existence of a global program for hacking various devices and systems American and European productions such as the iPhone, Android operating systems and Windows and even Samsung TVs, which are able to turn into a recording device.

In a press release WikiLeaks also noted that the U.S. Consulate in Frankfurt-on-main is a “secret hacker base” of the CIA to organize cyber-attacks on Europe, the middle East and Africa. In addition, the CIA is stealing other people’s computer viruses and can use them to arrange cyber attacks “under false flag”, it was claimed in the release.