The Pentagon has accused Russia of deploying missiles in defiance of the Treaty with the United States

Russia has deployed a cruise missile land-based, which is contrary to the “spirit and intent” of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range nuclear forces (INF) and poses a threat to NATO. This was stated on Wednesday at a hearing in the Senate Committee Vice-Chairman of the joint chiefs of the General staffs of the USA Paul Selva, Reuters reports.

“The system represents a risk for the majority of our facilities in Europe. And we believe that Russia is deliberately unfolded it to create a threat to NATO and objects in the area of responsibility of NATO,” said Selva, without specifying whether the missile carries a nuclear weapon.

According to Selva, the United States has discussed this issue with Russia. The results of this discussion he told me. also, the Pentagon spokesman did not specify what options were considered in case these obsecene not resulted in any results, but added that “we have been asked to include some options in the review of nuclear doctrines”.

In mid-February, the newspaper the New York Times, citing sources in the administration of the President of the United States, wrote that Russia is “secretly” launched cruise missiles, ground-based testing which in 2014 was declared by the Obama administration, in violation of the Treaty on the elimination of INF.

Later, the President of the United States Donald trump in an interview with Reuters said that he considers the matter “very serious.” Then he said that he would raise the issue at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin when it will take place.