Assange explained the data leak of the CIA “appalling incompetence” of the security services

Leakage of data from the center kiberrazvedki the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) associated with the “abject incompetence” of the security services. This was during an online conference said the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

“The CIA has lost control over its Arsenal of cyber weapons. This historic act of monstrous incompetence is to create such an Arsenal, store it in one place and not be able to protect it,” Assange said (quote via USA Today).

He also said that WikiLeaks plans to transfer information about the hacker tools used CIA technology companies. In the first place, according to Assange, the information should be shared with such companies as Apple, Google and Samsung, to help them fix vulnerabilities in the software. They will be given exclusive access to additional technical details, which were not released by WikiLeaks in open access.

During the press conference, the correspondent of the TV channel ABC News Brian Ross asked Assange whether he ever money from the Russian government or the RT. “No,” said Assange, adding that it “is a serious question, trying to divert attention from the Grand publication [WikiLeaks]”.

On Tuesday, March 7, WikiLeaks began publishing the secret documents from the center kiberrazvedki the CIA, that testify to the existence of a global system of cyberclick, developing viral programs, and the attempts of the security services to crack antivirus software. From documents follows, that the CIA was able to access the devices running on operating systems iOS, Android and Windows, and even Samsung TVs.

In a press release WikiLeaks also claimed that the U.S. Consulate in Frankfurt-on-main is a “secret hacker base” of the CIA to organize cyber-attacks on Europe, the middle East and Africa. In addition, the portal reported that the CIA is capable of stealing other people’s computer viruses and using them to organize hacker attacks “under false flag”.

On the authenticity of the documents published by WikiLeaks, said a former employee of the national security Agency (NSA), USA Edward Snowden. In his opinion, the documents “appear authentic”.

That the documents are likely to be genuine also told Reuters sources in the CIA and law enforcement agencies. They also suggested that WikiLeaks could they get through to civil servants working for the CIA under contract. At the present time, according to interlocutors of Agency, intelligence check, which of these people could have access to classified materials.

On the eve of The Washington Post, citing sources, reported that US government officials were “stunned” by the leak, and the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) intends to make a “large-scale mole hunt” and find out how WikiLeaks got this data.