In Cabinet of Ministers declared about the inevitability of “accounting” in relations with Minsk

Press Secretary to the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev Natalya Timakova said that “accounting” is an integral part of any politico-economic relations, even between the closest countries, reports TASS.

“Of course, any political and economic relations, even with as close a partner as Belarus is always accounting. The government of Russia in its work must take into account the emerging trade and economic relations with other countries, including their debt,” — said Timakova.

She also added that “the volume of loans received from Russia the Belarusian partners, exceeds $6 billion” and the leadership of Belarus “would be nice to remember that.”

Earlier Thursday, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said that the basis of Russian-Belarusian relations should not be “accounting” and “the price of natural gas, which belongs to [Prime Minister Dmitry] Medvedev.”

“I don’t want the details to go into, but Medvedev must understand that if we pay [for gas] in Europe, something he, too, will have to pay. And the price will be enormously higher than the price of natural gas, — said Lukashenko at the meeting in Minsk, commenting on the discussion at the meeting of the intergovernmental Council of the Eurasian economic Union (EAEU), which was held on Tuesday, March 7, in Bishkek.

The then Prime Minister of Belarus Andrei Kobyakov said that the problem in relations of Minsk and Moscow, resulting from the dispute over oil and gas matters, prevent the participation of Belarus in integration processes in the Eurasian economic Union. Medvedev replied that, “if some countries present here were not part of the Union or left it, they “would buy the gas at European prices — about $200 per thousand cubic meters.” Russian Prime Minister urged colleagues to remember the grace the price of gas when deciding which block or hamper integration. “Here no one forcibly holds, we voluntarily created,” — said Medvedev.

In early February, the news Agency reported that Belarus wants to withdraw from the Union, CSTO, and, possibly, of the Union state of Russia and Belarus. However, Lukashenko stated that this information is a “complete lie”, while a source close to the leadership of the Republic, has called the Agency “a folly that is “unknown and why it is thrown into the air”.