In the state Duma has developed a “filter” unconstitutional bills

Constitutional “filter”

The state Duma meeting on Friday, March 10, to take the amendments to the regulations aimed at improving the quality of bills. About it told journalists after the Council of the Duma Vice-speaker Ivan Melnikov (CPRF), the correspondent . Amendments developed by the Duma Committee on regulations. The working group under the leadership of the Melnikov worked on them since the end of last year.

Under the new regulations, the Duma Committee will have the right to return the document to the author without the decision of the Council of the Duma in case of discrepancy of the bill to the Constitution. “If the Committee on this issue [of compliance document of the Constitution] is controversial, in this case the issue will be submitted to a meeting of the Council. And the final decision will accept Board” — said Melnikov.

To finalize the document author of the bill, the Committee will not exceed 30 days. Now this term is not defined in the regulations.

Another amendment to the regulations concerns the mechanism of co-authorship. Members will be able to join the draft law only while it is in the newsletter. “We have not had such limits before,” — said Vice-speaker.

Finally, the relevant Duma committees will report on Thursdays at meetings of the Board of the lower house about their plans of legislative work and the process of consideration of draft laws at the level of the relevant Committee. “We have already decided that next Thursday we will hear the Committee on natural resources, property and land relations,” — said Melnikov.

Protection from spam

On the development of quality criteria bills in the state Duma considered in December. A working group of the deputies ordered the creation of a Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin at a meeting of the Council of the Duma on 15 December.

According to Melnikov, the meeting of the Council of the state Duma in the end of February the Volodin ordered the factions to withdraw the outdated draft laws within two months. The probability of making projects that are in the Duma for more than eight years, equal to zero, said the Vice-speaker.

The working group Melnikova informed also recommended to introduce a “fractional filter” for projects of deputies — the need to align initiatives with the faction. According to Vice-speaker, it will enhance the quality of the projects. But this recommendation does not prohibit pay to the member of the initiative without permission of the faction, said the Communist.

“There are fears that the final obstacle to legislative “spam” the proposed changes will not” — said the Deputy head of the Duma faction “Fair Russia” Mikhail Emelyanov. He believes that “the deputies can still make questionable initiatives such as “paint the Kremlin white,” and the agreement with the factions will remain recommendatory.

“We need to think about the most restriction of the right of legislative initiative, the more so that, say, to appeal to the constitutional court it is necessary to collect 90 signatures of deputies, and for the introduction of the bill — only one. You can extend it into the bills,” — said the Deputy.

In addition to developing criteria for the listed initiatives, Volodin asked the Plenipotentiary government representative in the Duma Alexander Sinenko to conduct an audit of government bills. The state Duma are 257 government bills, many of which are already “lost its relevance”.