MPs will be asked Medvedev about the indexation of pensions and the results of import substitution

In the rules Committee of the state Duma received questions from all four factions to the report, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev about the results of the work of government in 2016 (at the disposal). Each faction has sent five questions in writing. The government must give them a written response. This year, Medvedev plans to present a report on the work of the government on 19 April, reported to journalists the first Vice-speaker of the state Duma Ivan Melnikov.

The United Russia party asked the Cabinet of Ministers, headed by their leader, about the real results of eighteen months of work established in August of 2015 Commission on import substitution. “What progress has been made in import substitution of civil and defence products? What are the most successful practice, it is advisable to use the defense enterprises?”, — interested in the fraction of the majority.

Medvedev party members expect the government to answer the question about the measures taken to improve the quality of the University education of future doctors and pharmacists. Also they are concerned that the Cabinet will do to increase your openness.

In addition, the “United Russia” wondered whether the government intended to renew the program of granting of the parent capital after 2018.

The Communists asked when the government intends to restore the indexation of pensions to working pensioners, and asked to provide economic calculations, confirming efficiency of its abolition. The Communist party are also concerned about the problem of realization of domestic agricultural products.

The Communists requested to provide a calculation of the largest companies included in the privatization plan, according to their losses and the expected revenues from privatization. According to fraction, “to sell a profitable, strategically important organizations (VTB, RZD, “Mail of Russia”) during the period minimum price situation absolutely wasteful”.

In “Fair Russia” are most concerned about, according to the Deputy Mikhail Yemelyanov, the problem is “extremely broad powers of the Central Bank”, which is a “mega-regulator”, but not subject to the government. Spravorossy want to know why the government does not support their initiative to subordinate the Central Bank to the Cabinet. In addition, they are interested in support of Chernobyl and farmers.

The liberal democratic party is also concerned with the development of agricultural production. According to the faction, it is limited by reduction of solvent demand of the population, inadequate security equipment. The deputies are interested in how the government intends to solve these problems.

The liberal Democrats are paying attention to the growing debt of the regions. “How is it supposed to balance the obligations of regions with financial resources for them,” the appeal to the government faction.

Oral questions fractions to the Prime Minister during his speech in the Duma, as a rule, differ from the writing. Members prefer not to announce them to the Prime Minister, according to the Communist Nikolai kolomeytsev, “could not prepare in advance.”

According to article 114 of the Constitution, the Federal government annually to the state Duma a report on the results of its activities. In April of last year, Medvedev told MPs that Russia needs deep structural reforms, but any forced conversion would prolong the crisis for another few years. He also announced a return to a three-year budget planning and spoke about overcoming the crisis.