Parents asked Putin to not close three music schools in Moscow

Parents of students of three music schools addressed to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin with a request to prevent their removal due to the construction on the site of a new building for sports school No. 29 (“Khamovniki”), specializing in acrobatic rock-n-roll. The corresponding address is placed on the platform for online petitions.

On the building at the address: Moscow, Trekhgorny Val, Dom 2/4, building 1, which is currently housed three educational music educational institution — State school of Wind Art (GOODY), children’s musicschool. Blazhevicha and choral school. Chesnokov — plan to build a new complex for the state sports school № 29 “Khamovniki”.

The petition noted that the demolition of the building and closing in music educational institutions “will leave no musical education to about 1,000 children and students.”

The petitioner, son of the founder of GOODY Renat Hecht, announced that he had filed the relevant appeal to the apparatus and to the reception of the President of Russia and head of the Department of culture of Moscow Alexander Kibovsky, head of Department of education Moscow Department of culture Andrey Trofimov, head of the Duma Committee on culture Stanislav Govorukhin and the Public chamber of Russia.

“While the response was from the mayor’s office and from the office of the President that they pulled down these letters, that is the one I actually complain,” said Hecht. According to him, Moscow authorities banned the administration GOODY to give any assessment of a given situation and to communicate with the media. This situation Hecht described with the phrase: “We will drown, and you don’t scream, don’t move”. “They [the staff GOODY — ] worry, apparently, for their jobs. They still have some hope there — probably promise something,” he suggested.

The Commission on culture of Public chamber of Russia no appeal on behalf of Renata Hecht about the fate of the music schools “not registered,” said Secretary of the Commission Theodore Nitochkin.

Stanislav Govorukhin, answering the question whether the reported appeal to the state Duma, said: “I heard nothing, didn’t read”.

According to Hecht, the distribution of cases is not the last measure, which is ready to go, protesters. Asked about planned actions in support of GOODY and music schools, Hecht said: “we Have a lot of musicians have responded that want to participate in a concert in support of the schools”. According to him, not yet resolved the issue of the venue of this concert. In particular, it considers the Great hall of the Moscow Conservatory. He also said that the musicians also plan to conduct flash mobs in support of the school.

That the Moscow authorities in late February 2017, has announced a tender for the construction of a new complex of schools No. 29, reported the edition “jellyfish”. According to the document, the building needs to accommodate halls for competitions and training in gymnastics and acrobatics, dance and trampoline. The project also includes construction of Parking and hotel rooms for athletes from other cities. The total building area will amount to more than five thousand square meters, including underground floors, and will cost the city budget in 528,3 million rubles.

A representative of the school of acrobatic rock-n-roll “Khamovniki” refused to comment on the appeal of Hecht and parents of music students to the President, saying that it is this “know nothing”. He also stressed that “knows nothing” about plans to build on the spot GOODY a new building for the school “Khamovniki”.

The sport school № 29 was founded in 1969 and specializiruetsya in acrobatic rock-n-roll.