Peskov responded to accusations by Russia to deploy cruise missiles

As reported, the press Secretary of the President, Russia remains committed to all international obligations, including those arising from the contract on liquidation of rockets of average and small range (rsmd). “I want to remind you of the words of President Putin that Russia remains committed to its obligations even in situations when it is not it is in the interests of Russia”, — said Peskov.

Peskov said that around US there are no countries that may pose a risk in using short-range missiles. “We have a completely different architecture possible threats and nevertheless Russia remains committed to its obligations. So we disagree and we reject any charges on this account”, — he said.

Also on 9 March, foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov rejected claims that Russia is building up armed forces in the Western regions. “Speech should go not about making unfounded time after time to reproduce the claims that Russia is amassing forces for some trips to the West, and that we have long said, let’s get in the framework of the Council Russia — NATO and look at the situation in the sphere of Euro-Atlantic security”, — quotes the Minister “Interfax”.

“If we really want to understand how to proceed, let’s let the military sit down and determine what forces and means in some areas of Europe are deployed. And then, I think, questions will remain,” — said Lavrov.

On the eve of the Deputy Chairman of the joint chiefs of the General staffs of the armed forces of the USA Paul Selva at a hearing of the Senate Committee said that Russia has deployed a cruise missile ground-based.

“The system represents a risk for the majority of our facilities in Europe. And we believe that Russia is deliberately unfolded it to create a threat to NATO and objects in the area of responsibility of NATO,” said Selva.

A Pentagon spokesman claimed that the matter was discussed with Moscow, but did not explain where that conversation led.

In mid-February, the newspaper the New York Times, citing sources in the administration of the President of the United States, wrote that Russia is “secretly” launched cruise missile ground-based. The representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Mikhail Ulyanov called the reports “unfounded.”

The INF Treaty was signed in December 1987 by Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan, and entered into force in the summer of 1988. The USSR and the USA pledged not to produce, not to test and not to deploy ballistic and cruise missiles, ground-based medium (from 1,000 km to 5,500 km) and shorter (from 500 km to 1000 km) range.

In may last year in violation of the INF Treaty in Moscow suspected the Americans. Speaking in the Federation Council, Deputy head of the main Department of international military cooperation of the defense Ministry Yevgeny Ilyin said that Russia has reason to believe that under the guise of testing ABOUT the Americans are testing missiles and medium-range, which they disguise under the target.

In October 2015, the Russian foreign Ministry expressed the suspicion that the US ABM elements in Romania (launcher MK-41) can be used to launch interceptor missiles, and missiles and medium-range.