Reuters called the possible source of the leak of CIA documents to WikiLeaks

As have informed Reuters sources in the CIA and law enforcement, at the end of last year, intelligence agencies have suspected that there was a leak of classified data. These fears were confirmed this week when WikiLeaks published more than 8700 documents which showed that intelligence was a global program hacking gadgets including iPhone and Android OS devices and Windows.

Sources Reuters reported that published materials dated 2013-2016 years, apparently are true. To WikiLeaks they could get through the employees, entering into contracts to perform work for the CIA. Now intelligence agencies are checking to see who of these people could have access to classified materials. They checked their passwords, e-mails, which can help identify the perpetrator.

The version of the contract is predominant compared with the assumption that the archive was compromised by Russian hackers. Reuters explained by the fact that the Russian security services first tried to use documents to their advantage, and then sent them for publication.

WikiLeaks, in turn, claimed that the CIA has lost control over its archives, and it is now available working for the government hackers and employees of contract organizations, one of which provided materials to the site.

The CIA is still not officially confirmed the authenticity of the Wikileaks documents, noting only that the Agency collects information abroad in order to “protect America from terrorists, hostile countries and other opponents.” The secret service was called the “first line of defense.” In the CIA at the same time categorically rejected the suspicion of spying for U.S. citizens.

In the White house at the same time expressed serious concern at leakage of documents from the CIA. “Anyone who was involved in the leaks of classified information, will answer on all severity of the law,” said a spokesman for Donald trump, Sean Spicer.

Employees who worked with the secret services under the contract, has repeatedly proved to be sources of leaks of classified information. So happened, for example, with Edward Snowden and Harold Martin are: access to secret data the national security Agency (NSA) they got working for consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton collaborated with the office. Despite that intelligence agencies have to hire people from outside who better understand the modern technology. Take them to the CIA and to pay the same salaries as in the private sector do not allow limitations in funding, said the Agency interlocutor.