Russia and Germany called for the strengthening of the OSCE mission in Ukraine

Negotiations during the first visit of new foreign Minister of Germany Sigmar Gabriel in Moscow were constructive and useful, said after the meeting, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov. The Ministers discussed the situation in Ukraine, in Syria, security in Europe.

According to Lavrov, in Ukraine, they agreed on the main parties to the conflict in the Donbass should stop ceasefire violations, to resume execution of the Minsk agreements. “Like Berlin, we support strengthening the role of the OSCE, increasing the number of staff for monitoring”, — said Lavrov. According to the Russian Minister, delayed work on the road map of implementation of the Minsk agreements. The Russian Minister again stressed that “the current blockade of Donbass is unacceptable”. “We urge the Ukrainian leadership to use all its capabilities to the blockade to stop,” said the Russian Minister.

Responsibility for the failure of the Minsk agreements, Lavrov laid to Kiev. The nationalization of enterprises, the blockade — all this sharpens the conflict, agreed Gabriel. The German foreign Minister said he believes it is wrong to shift the responsibility for the implementation of the Minsk agreements only on one side. “Russia should declare that support the Minsk dialogue, it is necessary that the United States has expressed its commitment to the Minsk dialogue and that we, too, have expressed their commitment; it takes responsibility not shifted to any one of the parties”, — said the Minister.

Gabriel expressed regret that “different studies do not follow even the minimum standards agreement and the cease — fire, withdrawal of heavy weapons, humanitarian aid, access of the red cross, the exchange of prisoners”. “This is a minimum prerequisite that the political process was successful,” — said the German Minister.

At a press conference the diplomats also commented on the information about the hacker attacks the CIA, which told the website WikiLeaks and accusations against Russia of interference in the internal Affairs of Germany.

“The German media are responsible for ourselves. The Federal government of these allegations [about the influence of Russia on the elections] does not impose,” said Gabriel. “As for the hackers of the CIA, we have no such information,” Gabriel said. on a question, whether he knows about the existence hacker of the center for CIA in Germany. Meanwhile, Sergei Lavrov said that he tries to the secret negotiations do not take any phones.

At the press conference, Gabriel also expressed concerns arose in Europe, the danger of an arms race: “This race is not in the interests of the people. Despite Europe’s problems, disarmament is an important goal of diplomacy in General.”

“We have now reached a critical point. Now you can continue the escalation. Confined to his point of view or try to understand what is happening on the other side, to make other interests. This can lead to failures, setbacks, but more intelligent forms of international conflicts, I do not come to mind. We see that the Americans seek to engage with Russia — on Syria, Afghanistan,” — said the Minister.