The guards of the USA reported a sharp decline in the flow of illegal immigrants at the trump

In February 2017 the number of illegal migrants crossing the land border of the United States and Mexico, decreased by 40% in comparison with January. This is stated in the official report of the Border the US customs service.

In January, on the border with Mexico was arrested more than 31 thousand people, in February, when the President of the United States has held Donald trump, their number fell to 18 thousand 762 people, or 40%.

The service noted that the number of illegal immigrants in February, 20% more than in January.

A sharp reduction in the number of attempts of illegal crossing of the border guards associated with fear, which caused migrants policy the new President. In addition, due to the increased risks increased fees and smugglers-guides: in some mountainous areas, the fee for transfer across the border has increased from $3500 to $8000.