The head of Moldova criticized the recommendation of the officials not to travel to Russia

Representatives of the Parliament of Moldova has sent a protest note to Russia due to violations committed by the Russian side in relation to Moldovan officials, intelligence agencies and representatives of the ruling coalition Moldova during a visit to Russia, reports

The statement of the Moldovan side stated that the officials of Moldova were stopped and subjected to “humiliating” searches at the entrance to the territory of Russia, and also questioned their status. According to the Moldovan Parliament, thus over the past few months was treated with at least 25 officials of the Republic. “Such behavior is both inappropriate and unjustified,” — said in a statement.

The protest note was handed over earlier on Thursday, March 9, the Ambassador of Russia in Moldova Farit Mukhametshin, the Chairman of the Moldovan Parliament Andrian CANDU and the Prime Minister of the country pavalam Philip. They also reported that prior to the termination of the persecution from the Russian side were advised not to do the official representatives of Moldova visit to Russia.

“We have decided to send an official statement to the Russian leadership. We urge them to immediately take the necessary steps to stop this violence. As long as the Russian Ambassador will not solve this problem, the Moldovan officials we ask to refrain from trips to the Russian Federation”, — said in a statement.

According to the authors of the protest notes, the improper treatment of official representatives of the Republic may be something to do with the investigation into the “laundering” of money in Moldovan Moldinconbank, says

The President of Moldova Igor Dodon has acted against such recommendations on his page in Facebook. He noted that he did not know all the details, which were forwarded to the government and Parliament, however, believes that the decision “inappropriate.” “I will continue to go to Moscow and in the interests of our country to work to strengthen strategic partnership with the Russian Federation”, — wrote the Dodon. The President plans to visit Moscow on March 16-18.

He also said that on Friday, March 10, to meet with the Ambassador of Russia in Moldova. “I think that this step by the Moldovan authorities call. You need to understand that standing in the basis of this decision,” he stated (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

In early February 2017, Igor Dodon said that Moldova is “vital” to restore relations with Russia and the Association agreement with the European Union may be terminated. According to him, he invited the Chairman of the Council of Europe Donald Tusk to start trade talks in the trilateral format — the EU, Moldova and Russia.

He assumed the position of President of Moldova on 23 December 2016. During his election campaign he promised to restore strategic partnership with Russia.

The government of Moldova is headed by Paul Philip — a member of the Democratic party of Moldova, which stands for integration with the European Union.

The scheme is a money laundering Bank in the Moldovan Moldinconbank came to light in April 2014. The head of the Supreme court of justice (SCJ) of Moldova Mihai Poalelungi then told that the Russian companies that had intended to launder money, opened an account in the Bank, then the company, which the firm allegedly owed, filed in the Moldovan court a statement of the judicial order on recovery of debt. “As far as I know, none of the amount did not stay on the account longer than 15 minutes. After that, the money went offshore,” said then Poalelungi.