The Kremlin reacted to the reports about the servers of the CIA called PocketPutin

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin paid attention to the WikiLeaks published data about the five hidden servers for wiretapping under title PocketPutin, reports .

“Together with the global community, we drew attention to the published data, they deserve attention, it is necessary to take a closer grasp,” — said Peskov.

In his words, Washington does not hide that listens on Russian officials, including Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak. “So that WikiLeaks can not open, you can guess,” — said Peskov.

That the CIA has hidden five servers for wiretapping, called PocketPutin, it became known yesterday, March 8, from the data published by WikiLeaks. On 7 March, the organization began the publication of data from the center kiberrazvedki of the CIA in Langley. According to WikiLeaks, the project, known as Vault 7, will be the largest leak of confidential intelligence data.

The first portion of the data was made public on 7 March, and was called Year Zero. It contains more than 8.7 million documents and files. According to the organization, it proves the existence of a global program for hacking various devices, including such as the iPhone from Apple and Android operating systems from Google and Windows from Microsoft and even Samsung TV that was able to turn into a recording device. In a statement, WikiLeaks also notes that the CIA has the ability to “steal” other people’s games, and with their help to carry out cyber-attacks “under false flag”. In addition, according to the organization, the U.S. Consulate in Frankfurt-on-main in Germany is a mystery “hacker” the CIA base where organized cyber attacks on targets in Europe, the middle East and Africa.

That WikiLeaks published CIA documents about hacker methods of surveillance and hacking of data “looks authentic,” he said in his Twitter ex-employee of the national security Agency, USA Edward Snowden. According to him, it is incorrect to conclude that managed to hack WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal expressed by WikiLeaks, however, in his view, the documents prove that the intelligence agencies failed to crack the mobile operating systems iOS and Android that “a much more serious problem.”

The President of the United States Donald trump is “extremely concerned” about information published by WikiLeaks, said his spokesman, Sean Spicer. According to him, trump would be tough on leaks, if you find that this is real. “Anyone who was involved in the leaks of classified information, will answer on all severity of the law”, — said the press Secretary of the President of the United States.

Foreign Minister of Germany Sigmar Gabriel said that Berlin has no information about hackers in Frankfurt am main. “As for the hackers of the CIA, we have no such information. Rumors about various countries that are trying to influence us. But we try to think that everything is rumors,” said Gabrielle, and added that Germany will see to it that “public opinion and the election campaign was protected from hackers”, the correspondent .

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov also commented on the leak on a hacker CIA programs, the correspondent . “We certainly have to take into account all that is becoming known,” the Minister said after a meeting with the foreign Minister of Germany Sigmar Gabriel. Lavrov said that Moscow regularly faces accusations of hacking attacks, that “we’re sending in some spies, as, for example, the German media wrote, we’re sending in the Chechen saboteurs”.

“We’ve never walked away from conversations, and today confirmed the Germans: if in Berlin there is suspicion, please contact with the facts, and we will discuss. According to German media reports, the investigation against us was a year and the facts are not found,” he said.