The Minister of foreign Affairs of Canada has accused Russia of publication of disinformation about her grandfather

The foreign Minister of Canada Chrystia Freeland believes that after her appointment to the post of Minister of the Russian sites started to spread misinformation about her Ukrainian grandfather Mikhail Hamster, writes The Washington Post. According to the newspaper, according to them, the grandfather of the head of the canadian Department was a collaborator in Nazi-occupied Poland.

Freeland directly connects publications with attempts to destabilise the political process, the newspaper writes. These actions, in the opinion of the Minister, may be associated with the decision of the canadian government to extend military assistance to Ukraine, as Freeland said during a recent press conference.

The Minister stressed that the American and German authorities previously publicly accused Russia of trying to destabilize Western democracy. “I think that should not be surprising if similar attempts were made in respect of Canada”, — the newspaper quotes words of the Minister.

The representative of the Russian Embassy in Ottawa Kirill Kalinin in conversation with Washington Post stressed that “Nazi collaborators should be definitely accused”. However, he noted that he had no data to confirm or refute the information about the relative of the Minister.

Professor at canadian University of Alberta John-Paul Himka said in an interview with the canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail that Freeland knew that the Hamster during the occupation of Poland he worked in the Ukrainian language Krakivski Visti newspaper, which often published anti-Semitic articles published under the supervision of German intelligence.

The representatives of the Freeland did not confirm nor deny information about her grandfather. At the request of the publication to comment on the data in the office of the Minister stated that “we need to ask how this information is distributed and for what reasons”.

Chrystia Freeland was appointed Minister of foreign Affairs of Canada 10 January 2017. According to a source “RIA Novosti” the Russian foreign Ministry, it in 2014 is under sanctions, which the Russian side is then introduced as a response to the sanctions of Canada.

The participants of the Russian black list of banned entry to Russia. Under sanctions, is also Advisor to Prime Minister on foreign and defense policy Christine Hogan, chief of staff of the Prime Minister Wayne Wouters, head of the office of the Prime Minister, the speaker of the house of Commons Andrew Scheer and others.