CNN learned about the new attempts of the FBI to find a link trump with Russia

The Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) is still investigating about the “strange” activity between the servers of the company Donald trump’s Trump Organization and the Russian Alfa Bank. It is reported by CNN, citing sources close to the investigation.

According to interlocutors, the investigation is still open. It is the same counterintelligence division of the FBI, which is investigating the alleged intervention of Russia in election 2016.

According to sources, investigators continue to consider the communication between servers “strange” and not ignore it. According to CNN, a warrant under the act of covert surveillance for the purposes of foreign intelligence on the server are not discharged.

The story of suspicious activity between servers Trump Organization and the Russian Alfa-Bank was discussed four months ago. Then the American magazine Slate published a report stating that the Trump Organization “actively cooperating” with Alfa-Bank. The Bank then denied any ties to the companies trump.

The newspaper the New York Times, in turn, then wrote that all attempts of the FBI to find a link trump with Russia, including in the history of the activity between servers and did not succeed. In particular, wrote the newspaper, FBI agents several weeks researched computer data showing the activity between servers Trump Organization and alpha Bank. In particular, it was reported that two servers of Alfa-Bank in the spring sent over 2.7 million messages on the server associated with Trump Organization. After analyzing the data, the FBI then came to the conclusion that the explanation might be innocuous, like a marketing email or spam.