The state Duma in the accelerated mode will consider the amendments on the elimination of settlements

Profile Duma Committee on Friday endorsed the amendments to the law on General principles of organization of local self-government, which will legalize the transformation of the municipal districts of the city district, reports. The Committee invited the state Duma to consider the bill at a plenary meeting coming soon — March 15.

The Committee’s decision to support reform was adopted by the votes of United Russia. The Chairman of the Committee Alexei Didenko (LDPR) opposed it, as it, in his opinion, would lead to a “reduction of rural settlements in the country and degradation of the periphery.”

First Deputy Chairman of Committee United Russia Irina Gusev has explained the need for these amendments: “People want quality, they want to live in the village, where there are hospitals, roads, transport… If two or three people live in the village, they do not deserve gas?”.

Amendments, which, according to most Guseva, “neodnoznachnye” and “imperfect”, is not caused in the consideration of any issues from other members of the Committee. In addition to the Chairman and his first Deputy, no one spoke. Colleagues Terentyev and Guseva faction did not want to speak in plenary Rapporteur on the project, shifting this responsibility to each other.

The amendments were initiated by the authorities of the Moscow region, made them an MP from the region Mikhail Terentiev (fraction “United Russia”), reported earlier. The MP has proposed to enshrine in the law the possibility of combining all settlements, including rural areas, within the municipal district, urban district. At the confluence and settlement, and municipal district shall lose the status of the municipality. The decision on such a conversion take power in the region “with the consent” of local representative bodies.

The amendments change the definition of “urban district”. Now it is an urban settlement which is not part of the municipal district. In the new wording “one or several United General territory of settlements which are not municipal formations”.

Under current law, the territory of Russia differentiated between the settlements, which are combined in municipal areas, and particularly large settlements have become urban districts. According to the amendments, United Russia, any territorial unit in the country can be done city district, that is to move from two-tier to one-tier. All municipal districts are trying to give the status of urban districts to abolish settlements, and to simplify management.

The amendments Terentyev made for the second reading of the bill to abolish direct voting of the population at the decision to change the statuses of urban and rural settlements. This project was introduced by the government in the spring of 2015, adopted in the first reading in summer of the same year.

The merger of districts in the suburbs was accompanied by the elimination of local self-government. The opponents of the reform feared a reduction of the availability of municipal services, as well as the risks of high-rise buildings in the former villages. All this has caused resistance from local residents and municipal deputies in Moscow. In December, in the village of Tomilino, Lyubertsy district public hearing on uniting all of the settlements in one urban district has outgrown in mass riots with the participation of Regardie. In several areas residents came out to protest against the reform, and actively criticized her at a public hearing.

The Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov explained the reform by the necessity for the officials and the harmonization of transport and utility tariffs.