Peskov explained CNN talk Kislyak with the people closest to trump

Press Secretary of the President of Russia gave an interview to the CNN reporter who made the film “the Most powerful man in the world” about Vladimir Putin. The film will be aired on March 13, however, the fragments were shown on the channel on March 11. In particular, the announcement came Peskov response to a question why the Russian Ambassador in Washington Sergey Kislyak spoke to a large number of people from the entourage of Donald trump.

“It’s his job,” explained Sands. “He discussed bilateral relations, find out what is happening in the United States to Moscow to be understanding of the situation.”

Press Secretary of the Russian President explained that this work is done by any Ambassador, it is Moscow or Washington. “The bigger the Ambassador talks to people, the better it works,” – said Peskov.

He also noted that during the presidential campaign in the U.S. Kislyak also met with people from the entourage of Hillary Clinton. “However, it was not about the elections, any interference in the electoral process was not” – said Peskov.

According to U.S. media, Kislyak met with various people from the surrounding trump and talked with some of them, the question of lifting the sanctions against Russia. It is the conversation with the Russian diplomat led to the dismissal of trump’s Advisor on national security Michael Flynn.