The detainee in the LC saboteur called the name of the perpetrator of the murder.

One of the detainees in the self-proclaimed Luhansk people’s Republic (LPR) Ukrainian saboteurs during interrogation told the name of who might be behind the murder of the commander of the battalion “Sparta” Arsen Pavlov (call Motorola). About it reports “RIA Novosti” with reference to the video of the interrogation provided to the Agency by the Ministry of state security of LPR.

“Also can confirm that when I was in Khmelnytskyi in the 8th regiment of special forces of Ukraine in the part, also heard when major Balls, intelligence chief, boasted that the murder of Motorola — is his handiwork,” — said the detainee Ivan Deev. He added that Balls talked about passing a pre-trained in undermining the elevators.

Motorola was killed in Donetsk on October 16 last. He was killed when a bomb exploded in the Elevator of a residential building. Together with Motorola, was killed and his guard. DNR authorities blamed for the death of Motorola to Kiev.