The NYT found out about the plans for trump to find out from the Merkel communication techniques with Putin

The President of the United States Donald trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are preparing for a personal meeting in the White house, writes the New York Times, citing sources.

In particular, trump is going to ask Merkel to share its rich experience of communication with Russian President Vladimir Putin and to ask her advice how you want to conduct Affairs with him. Merkel has rich experience of communication with Putin over the past 11 years and knows him, the newspaper notes, better than other world leaders.

At the same time, Merkel before the visit carefully studying the speech of the trump, to understand his way of thinking. The threat posed by Russia to Europe could become a basis for common approaches between the two leaders.

Earlier, Merkel did not allow criticism of the trump, saying that to judge him by his deeds. The newspaper reminds that Merkel managed to establish a productive relationship with President George Bush, who was also very unpopular in Germany because of the war in Iraq.