Media reported about a search on “Villa Kerimov” in the South of France

The Antibes police raided the Villa Hier in the South of France in search of documents about its present owner, which name the Russian billionaire, member of the Federation Council from Dagestan Suleiman Kerimov, the newspaper writes Nice-matin.

According to the publication, authorities suspect that Kerimov is the real owner not only of the Villa Hier area of 12 thousand square meters, but also luxury villas located in the neighborhood: Medy Roc, Lexa and Fiorella. The total area of these houses is 90 thousand square meters.

The searches, which writes the edition took place on 15 February, but became aware of them only now.

According to the documents all of these villas, owned by Swiss financier Alexander Studhalter. However, police suspect that Studhalter acts as a cover for the real owner, which is called Kerimov.

The investigation is interested in the conditions of acquisition of these objects of real estate, clarifies the issue, because, according to experts, the price of their purchase did not correspond to market conditions. This fact has raised suspicions that some of the money had gone directly to Switzerland to bypass the tax authorities of France.

The deal at Villa Hier, the police went into the investigation of the activities of the lawyer Stephen Chiaverini, which in the end was detained. He, I think law enforcement could be an intermediary in the sale of the house Hier. While officially it was bought for €35 million, but some of the materials of the case show that to the seller in Switzerland, the buyer is moved to €61 million more. Lawyers Chiaverini dispute that there was an attempt of tax evasion.

sent to a foster Kerimov Fax with questions about the searches at Villa Hier. Response to the editor has not yet been received.

The magazine Forbes estimated a condition of Suleiman Kerimov $1.6 billion in 2016, he held the 45th place in the rating “200 richest businessmen of Russia in 2016”.

In April 2013, the Senator’s aide Alexey Krasovskiy said that Kerimov has transferred the beneficial rights to his business assets to the charitable Fund Suleyman Kerimov Foundation. “The Fund will be the sole beneficiary of trust structures, which the beneficiary was previously Kerimov”, — said Krasovsky.

Kerimov is a member of the Federation Council from Dagestan in 2008.