NYT linked “the most wanted hacker in the world” with Russian intelligence

Hacker Evgeniy Bogachev for help in catching which the FBI has established a record reward of $3 million associated with the Federal security service (FSB), the newspaper the New York Times.

This publication refers to data of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine: in Bogachev Ukrainian investigators described it as “working under the supervision of a special Department of the FSB.”

In support of this version, the newspaper quotes the idea that the Russian security services would be beneficial to access information from computers infected with programs Bogacheva. At the peak of their number, says the NYT, has reached from 500 thousand to a million worldwide. The publication however notes that to prove a real relationship of hackers hacking the computers of Americans, with the Russian special services, is extremely difficult.

The newspaper’s sources suggested that while Bogachev stole money from Bank accounts, “the Russian authorities peeking at him from behind, exploring the same computers in the search for files and emails”. According to interlocutors of the edition, this scheme saves power and do not do routine work on hacking computers.

As another handshaking Bogachev with the Russian special services in the article is the suggestion that Bogachev leads a luxurious lifestyle in Anapa, despite the fact that is wanted through the FBI. In his possession, according to the NYT, there is a large house on the coast near Anapa, apartments in Moscow, luxury cars and a yacht. Moreover, Bogachev and can make an overseas trip, has three Russian passports in different names, writes the NYT.

Bogachev’s lawyer refused to answer the questions of the newspaper, stating that it has “moral rights” because his client wanted by the FBI.