The economic development Ministry planned to reduce the pit rate to lay money for retirement

The economic development Ministry planned to reduce the pit rate to lay money for retirement

Moscow. March 10. The economic development Ministry is discussing the possibility to raise or to lower the rate of personal income tax depending on contributions to individual pension capital, according to “Vedomosti” with reference to the five Federal officials. The scheme assumes that the larger part of the salary of the person postpones retirement, the lower he will rate of personal income tax and Vice versa. Three officials told the newspaper that those who save money for retirement do not want to, will pay 15% personal income tax, and those who will guide the accumulation of 10% of salary, personal income tax will pay at the rate of 10%. 13% rate will remain for those who postpones retirement 4% of salary.

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All the calculations are not yet final, but according to one of interlocutors of the newspaper, the idea is like first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov. In his office, told the publication that the issue of “like – dislike” premature – the government is discussing tax design together with insurance contributions and the result can be different depending on how it will end.

It is assumed that the system of individual pension capital (CRPS) should replace state-funded system; to replace the compulsory employer contributions will come from voluntary contributions of the employee. From the discussion in the Ministry of economic development ideas will be hardest hit the poorest, told “Vedomosti” Alexandra Suslina of the Economic expert group: system savings, such people are the least in demand, and the load on them will increase the most. Also, according to her, the measure will hit regional budgets over the last 11 years, the share of personal income tax in the own revenues of the regions increased from 29% to almost 38% in 2016.