The government invented a new way of engaging citizens in the accumulation of pensions

The Bank of Russia and Ministry of Finance — the authors of the concept of the draft Federal law on individual pension capital (COE) — will automatically connect Russian citizens to the formation of pension savings. This follows from the draft document, seen by Vedomosti.

The concept notes that when applying for a job, the employer will automatically register citizens in the pension scheme IPK via Central admin. While self-employed will be able to register with the Central administrator. A citizen becomes a member of the system through the mechanism of the offer, in the case of ignoring the notification to join the new system employees will be automatically signed. From the automatic subscription you can unsubscribe.

In the working materials of the concept, which also examined the publication, stated this alternative method of reforming the pension system: the Federal law will require every Russian citizen to register for it, and connect to it automatically when you receive a social security number or the employment contract.

Against avtopolis, says the document by the Ministry of labor, which defends the position that the pension system should be voluntary.

Under the new project, the system will work from 2019. Since that time, all citizens will be asked to choose through their employers pension Fund (NPF), sign him to a contract, and also indicate rate of contribution from 0 to 6% of salary. Over time the rate can be changed, as well as to suspend contributions for up to five years. For those people who have not chosen any option will be initially selected zero rate, which each year will rise to 6%.

The initiative of the Ministry of Finance and the regulator is currently undergoing interagency coordination, told the publication in a press-service of the Ministry of Finance.

Earlier, on 10 March, Vedomosti, citing Federal officials said that the Ministry of economic development discusses the idea of encouraging the Russians to postpone retirement on their own, including by raising or lowering personal income tax rate, depending on contributions to the PKI system.