The head of the PMC spoke about the work of Russian specialists in Libya

The clearance of the plant in Benghazi was carried out by the specialists of “RSB Group” in the “official handling of Libya.” This was stated by the CEO of the company Oleg Krinitsyn. Previously on “RSB Group” in Libya, wrote Reuters. The Agency was a company called private military company (PMC), and its employees — mercenaries, noting that the Russians were in that part of the country, which is not under the control of the UN supported government.

“In this case Libya took the initiative, addressed to us”, — said the Krinitsyn. According to him, the staff of “RSB Group” does not participate in the fighting, and in Benghazi, carried out demining activities. “For 6 years of our work we did not have losses”, — said the head of the company.

“We are engaged in demining, such as in Libya, to protect ships from pirates. In addition to Libya, we were asked for help Columbia. A number of countries have turned to us for help, but to reveal them I can’t, competitors are watching us, and we for them,” said the Krinitsyn.

To work in the “RSB Group”, he said, get only the professional military. “We need officers with combat experience, people responsible and professionally trained. We don’t have to paint curbs. We respect the guards, veterans of “Vympel” and “alpha” they are our priority,” — said the head of “RSB Group”. The salary of a specialist company depending on the complexity and risk of the contract. The exact amount the Krinitsyn refused to name, but noted that employees receive “much more than $50 per day”.

“It all depends on the contract, but we can put up to 2 thousand people there”, — said the Krinitsyn. The company operates “where is dangerous and where is not can local authorities and civil service to ensure the safety of people,” he said.

Yesterday the Reuters Agency with reference to the krinitsyna reported that Russian mercenaries worked in Libya for several months in 2016. The military, as indicated by the Agency, was directed to that part of Libya which is under the control of the commander of the Libyan army of Caliph Haftarot.

The Krinitsyn in an interview with Reuters, refused to say who hired the “RSB Group,” but stressed that the company employees did not participate in the fighting. Thus, according to him, these professionals faced in Libya with the rebels, but the conflict between them was not.

In the Department of information and press of MFA of Russia with the claim that Moscow was unaware of “contract soldiers” from Russia, razminirovanie plant in Benghazi, and the owner of the “RSB group” Oleg Krinitsyn. “Consultations in the Russian foreign Ministry on the matter was not discussed”, — said representatives of the Department in interview “RIA Novosti”.

The Russian military can only work for the state, article 359 of the Russian Criminal code prohibits all forms of mercenarism.