The Kremlin said the selection of participants from Russia for Eurovision

Answering the journalists ‘ question about whether or not looks are the choice of the singer Yulia Samoilova as a participant of “Eurovision” as a political provocation, since it may not be allowed in Kiev, the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that “I would not use such words as provocation”. “It is the choice of the Russian TV channel that directs to the participant. Nothing provocative here we do not see”, — he stressed.

The representative of the Kremlin noted that in the Crimea “were all, practically, probably not the people who have never been in the Crimea.” In addition, said Peskov, Eurovision is an international contest and its organizer, “we will probably have to follow the rules by which this contest is held”.

The day before, on March 12, “the First channel” referring to the head of the Russian delegation at the Eurovision song contest Yuri Aksyuta said that Russia at the contest “Eurovision-2017” will be represented by singer Yulia Samoilova. “<…> Russia in Kiev will represent Yulia Samoilova, whose song about love the Flame Is Burning made the strongest impression,” — said in a statement.

Monday, March 13, Advisor to the interior Minister of Ukraine and Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Anton Geraschenko said that if “Samoilov not spoke publicly in support of the annexation of Crimea and aggression against Ukraine”, in Kiev will be “only too happy” the participation of representatives of Russia. “If it will be used for provocation, then we are against. Do not rule out that there may be on our side, taken steps to ban the entry of”, — said Gerashchenko.

The security service of Ukraine reported that “study the question and take an informed decision” on the entry Samoilova in Ukraine.

She Samoilov has declared “to Interfax” that he didn’t think that she may have problems with entering the territory of Ukraine. “I don’t know. I don’t think. My task is to sing a song to prepare,” she said.