Volodin asked the Duma Council “to clean up the piles of bills from the regions”

Volodin invited the legislative Assembly to amend its regulations norm about carrying out of examination of bills through the Council of the state Duma, the correspondent . The examination should be left to the regional parliaments, “voluntary”, said the Duma speaker.

“No more than 11% of the initiatives [of the regions] has been discussed in the framework of the Council of legislators, usually paid up-front initiative in the State Duma. But we need to do everything to the regions, advancing its legislative initiative, were interested in the fact that she passed the examination”, — said Volodin.

Examination of bills from the regional Duma of the legislative Assembly can enhance the quality of these documents, said the speaker. He also asked the legislative Assembly to join the audit of bills submitted to the Duma earlier. According to Volodin, 380 projects entered in last convocations of the legislative assemblies of the regions are still pending.

“I appeal with the request to help to clean up the rubble. Those bills that has not lost its relevance, ask them to finalize,” — said the speaker of the state Duma.

Earlier at the initiative of Volodya’s Duma adopted amendments to the regulations aimed at improving the quality of laws. Under the new regulations, in case of discrepancy of the bill of the Constitution Duma, the Committee will have the right to return to its author without the decision of the Duma Council. To finalize the document, the Committee will give the author no more than 30 days. Another amendment concerns the mechanism of co-authorship. Members will be able to join the draft law only while it is in the newsletter. Revision of outdated bills committees and fractions should hold for two months.

Individual initiatives of Duma’s inconsistent with other laws or constitutions, and their authors often forget about their own bills, said political scientist Alexei Makarkin. “Therefore, the proposal Volodina justified. Thus, the speaker hopes to raise the profile of the Council of legislators, which is not very high”, — the expert believes.