Patrushev told about destabilizing Russia foreign intelligence services

The Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolay Patrushev at exit meeting in the southern Federal district, said that foreign intelligence agencies have stepped up activities aimed at destabilizing the socio-political situation in Russia.

“Intensified destructive activities of foreign intelligence services to destabilize public-political situation in Russia. Ukrainian authorities openly declare about the organization of sabotage and subversive activities”, — he said (quoted by “Interfax”).

He also criticized the qualification and the discipline responsible for anti-terrorist protection of objects in the South of Russia. According to him, the inspection of the Federal district the ability to confront terrorist threats revealed “facts permissive relationship” with the requirements of the anti-terrorist protection of objects.

Patrushev said measures “to improve anti-terrorist protection of objects” under-funded, and this, in turn, affects the low level of equipment with technical means of protection and emergency alert facilities. In addition, the “subpar” is provided by access control.

The Secretary of the Russian security Council said it is particularly concerned about “the weak skills and performance discipline” those responsible.

According to Patrushev, before the summer season and on the eve of the FIFA confederations Cup-2017, special attention should be paid to vital facilities, and also complexes of sanatorium-resort treatment and sport facilities.

In June 2016, Patrushev said that foreign intelligence services intensified their work in the field of information aimed to harm Russia.

However, he said that the level of knowledge and skills of the responsible officials in the field of information security is low. “Of the total number of experts responsible for protection of information, only 6% have specialized education in the field of information security”, — said Patrushev (quoted by “Interfax”).