Putin authorized the war from South Ossetia to serve in the Russian army

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin ordered to sign a document, whereby the military of South Ossetia will be able to serve in the Russian army. The order about signing of the document published on the official portal of legal information.

We are talking about the agreement with the Republic of South Ossetia on joining the individual units of its Armed forces into the Russian army, which yesterday approved the government of Russia.

By its decree the President instructed the defense Ministry and the Russian foreign Ministry to hold talks with the South Ossetian side and sign the document on behalf of Russia.

It allows the citizens of South Ossetia for a service contract on the Russian military bases (RMB). At the conclusion of the contract the citizen shall be discharged from military service in South Ossetia. After entering the service he will serve in accordance with the laws of Russia. This agreement is for the period of validity of the agreement on Alliance and integration of the two countries, signed on 18 March 2015, is indicated in the document.

In November 2016, the state Duma of Russia ratified an agreement with Abkhazia on a joint group of troops. The document “defines the purpose, formation, deployment and use of United grouping of troops of the Russian armed forces and the armed forces of Abkhazia”.

Abkhazia and South Ossetia, formerly part of Georgia, declared independence in August 2008. Russia, along with three other member countries of the United Nations (Venezuela, Nicaragua and Nauru) acknowledged the sovereignty of the two republics.