The Russian foreign Ministry compared the lock of Sberbank in Kiev to “shot yourself in the foot”

Blocking the radical branches of Russian banks in Ukraine is abetted by law enforcement agencies in Kiev, said the Russian foreign Ministry. “Hooligan activists, abetted by law enforcement authorities block the work of branches of banks, create obstacles for normal functioning”, — notes the Agency. In addition, according to the Department, “certain members of the current Cabinet of Ministers directly incite radicals to illegal actions.”

The foreign Ministry also noted that the information messages coming from the Ukraine, after the “group of misfits” blocked a railway connection with Donbas, “are not surprising”.

The Ministry believes that banks with Russian capital was appointed as the “next worst enemy”, which happens “all the trouble in Ukraine” and ask the rhetorical question about who interfere with the “success” of financial organizations, who are Ukrainian legal entities. “Would not it be creating problems for these banks “shot itself in the foot” of the current Ukrainian authorities?” — stated in the message.

Monday, March 13, volunteers regiment of the National guard of Ukraine “Azov” laid the concrete blocks the entrance to the building hosting the main office of Sberbank in Kiev. Activists blocked with sandbags the entrance to the yard and painted the building of the Bank anti-Russian slogans.

The construction of the wall at the entrance of Sberbank in Kiev. Photos

On 14 March, the radicals did not allow the Department staff to work. According to “RIA Novosti”, about ten people held the building all night. They set about building a generator and audio equipment, sparked on the sidewalk a fire and organized a food item.

In a press-service of the main Directorate of the National police of Ukraine in Kiev reported that in the place of the action representatives of the “National body” that is blocking the branch of Sberbank on the street, Vladimir in Kiev, there are law enforcement officers, which “guarantee public order”.

That the members of the transport blockade of Donbass intend to stop working “daughter of Sberbank of Russia in Ukraine — PJSC “Sberbank” — March 10, said the coordinator of the so-called “headquarters of the blockade of trade with the occupiers” Anatoly Vinogrodsky. According to him, a reason for blocking of work of branches of Sberbank in Kiev was the statement about the beginning of the Bank’s customer service in Russia with passports of the LC and the DNI.

Sberbank of Russia announced the beginning of customer service for passports and LC DNI March 7 — shortly after President Vladimir Putin signed a temporary decree on the recognition of documents of the breakaway republics.

However, the Ukrainian “daughter” of Sberbank, JSC “Sberbank” has declared that does not serve and does not intend to maintain the physical and legal persons on the basis of the documents issued on uncontrollable the Ukrainian power territories”. In a statement, the Bank highlighted that “of the JSC “Sberbank”, being a Ukrainian commercial Bank, in carrying out its activities under the license of the National Bank of Ukraine strictly adheres to the norms of Ukrainian legislation”.

Interior Minister of Ukraine Arsen Avakov called the national Bank of Ukraine initiates the introduction of sanctions against Sberbank. In turn, the national Bank of Ukraine March 7 called for the introduction of sanctions against Ukrainian “daughter” of Sberbank, the national security Council and defense (NSDC) of Ukraine. Later, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko was appointed on Wednesday, March 15, a meeting of the Council of national security and defence, on which this question will be considered.