In the state Duma proposed to prohibit the entry into Russia of football hooligans

Arrest and a ban on entry

Thursday, March 15, the state Duma Committee on legislation will consider amendments to the bill that increased the penalties for football hooligans. Deputies Igor Lebedev (LDPR) and Alexander Gribov (“United Russia”) has proposed to equate the liability of foreign and Russian fans for breaking the rules of behavior at official sports competitions, as well as introduce the possibility of a ban on entry into Russia for foreign football hooligans. These amendments (a) the Committee intends to recommend the adoption, said two people in the Committee.

The law on physical culture and sports in Russia, the deputies complemented new part, which during international sports events entry to Russia to foreigners will not be allowed if there is information that they have violated the public order during public, sports, entertainment, and other events outside of Russia, or intend to violate it in Russia.

The law on the procedure of exit from Russia and entry registers the ability not to allow foreigners to Russia a whole list. The decision of the entry ban and the list receiving the decision of the Federal Executive bodies established by the government, says the amendment.

Changes to the code of administrative offences (CAO), which offer MPs, will give the right to arrest fans for up to 15 days exclusion for repeated and gross violations, and also align the penalty for the repetition to 15 thousand rubles. (like the Russians). For living in Russia foreigners, which the court decision can avoid deportation for violations at the stadium, it is proposed to introduce an alternative punishment — a fine up to 50 thousand rubles. (adopted in first reading the draft law provides only a ban on visiting the competition).

The law should have a preventive value to those who can potentially commit an offence in the stadium knew about the liability and did not violate the rules of conduct, then “football as a spectacle will be comfortable for spectators,” said Fungi.

The document informed

A bill toughening responsibility for riots in stadiums was developed by the interior Ministry on the eve of the world Cup in Russia in 2018 and submitted by the government at the end of last year. According to the amendments to the administrative code, already adopted in the first reading, doubles the maximum fine for violating the ban on visiting official sports competitions from 25 thousand to 50 thousand rbl., and also sets the minimum period of detention — 10 days (now 15 days).

Introduced penalties for gross violation of rules of conduct spectators when conducting official sports competitions — a fine in the amount from 10 thousand rubles to 20 thousand rubles. or arrest for 15 days with a ban on visiting the competition for a period of one to seven years.

Gross violation of the rules of conduct are actions that endanger their own safety, life, health, and safety of those who have followed the competition or located on site. Will be punished and violation of rules of conduct which resulted in the suspension or termination of a sporting event, says the text of the bill.

The bill also assumed that foreign citizens or persons without citizenship who have committed repeated or gross violation of rules of conduct spectators at the competition, imposed a fine in the amount from 10 thousand to 20 thousand rubles with expulsion from the country.

The amendment the government connected with carrying out in Russia of world football championship and FIFA confederations Cup 2017 and world Cup events of the UEFA 2016 in France, resulting in mass deportation of Russian fans. It was further stipulated that if the foreigners are living in Russia, expulsion is replaced by a ban on visits to the stands for a period from one year to seven years.

Under this option, the Russian hooligans for the second violation in the competition would be a lesser penalty than foreign — from 10 thousand to 15 thousand rubles., but only the Russians could arrest for up to 15 days. These differences led to criticism of deputies during the discussion of the bill in the first reading, it is also pointed out in its conclusion of profile Committee on legislation. Therefore, it was decided “to equalize Russian and foreign fines and provide all the alternative penalty of arrest,” explained Lebedev.

Riots in Marseille

The behavior of Russian fans at the European championship on football in France in July 2016, provoked a scandal. After the meeting between the football teams of Russia and England in Marseille, a group of around 30 Russian fans broke through the cordon of stewards and managed to get into the sector of fans of the opponent. They attacked several British and also threw fans with foreign objects. The brawl continued until, until the stewards intervened. Clashes with Russian fans occurred before the start of the match. The police of Marseilles arrested several Russian fans, they were charged with participating in the riots. Later, the Marseille court sentenced to imprisonment of three Russian fans.