Lukashenko stated about the readiness to work for the good of the Empire

The existence of the European Union provides for the world one of the “strong supports” and therefore it is necessary to maintain a “whatever it takes”, said the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. In conversation with Minister of foreign and European Affairs of Belgium Didier Reynders, the President of Belarus called the EU an Empire, and himself his supporter.

“Your visit is significant, and it very much depends. Not only in our bilateral relations, but also in our relations with your Empire (the European Union). I can guarantee you: you are always in our face you will see a country that will work for the Union, on the stability in Europe. We are in difficult times, you problems are not created, and in the future never these problems you create will not be”, — quotes Lukashenko the press service of the presidential administration of Belarus.

Lukashenka assured the foreign Minister of Belgium does not accept “brickcity” and the nationalist movement, since the disappearance of the EU would be a disaster for the world.

“The more towers, the more stable the system. Therefore, I support the European Union”, — said the President of Belarus.

But at the same time he criticized the often-used EU policy of double standards and expressed the hope that the EU itself will follow the principles of “honesty, decency, democracy” and see that human rights, democracy, order and security for the people there and in Belarus.

“We are also not without flaws, just like you. We are ready to learn. But please, keep in mind one thing: to us Holy sovereignty and independence,” — concluded Lukashenko.

In early March, the President of Belarus called the head of the government of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, has threatened those wishing to leave the Eurasian economic Union increase in gas prices, its “hardcore friend” and responded to the threat of a threat.

“Medvedev needs to understand that if we pay in Europe, for something he, too, will have to pay. And the price will be enormously higher than the price of natural gas,” — said Lukashenko.

Earlier, the Belarusian President admitted that with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, they argue, “more than any other President with the President”.

In early February, Lukashenko criticised the Russian authorities that they belong to the Belarusian officials to “disregard”. He emphasized that Belarus itself did not violate any of the prisoner of the agreement with Russia, while Russia “kicks them in the tail and in a mane”.