Norway was extradited to the United States of a Russian citizen accused of cybercrime

Russians mark Vartanian, known as “Kolypto”, was brought before the Federal court of the United States. In December 2016 the Norwegian authorities extradited him to the United States, reports the U.S. justice Department on his page in Facebook.

Vartanian is suspected of developing the malware Citadel. He was charged with computer fraud.

“The alleged role of the accused is the development and improvement of the “Citadel”, using which the cyber criminals have caused enormous financial losses to individuals and organizations around the world,” the message reads.

The Ministry of justice explains that “Citadel” is a set of malware that could be used to infect computer systems and steal credentials, financial and personal account users and their personal information from computer networks. According to experts, this program infected about 11 million computers around the world that caused the loss of $500 million.

The Department reports that the criminal investigation is ongoing.

The sources reported the arrest of Vartanian in Norway in September 2015. Norwegian media reported that us law enforcement for suspected collaboration with the hackers. The officials said that Vartanian has worked for the company Dignio in Fredrikstad (located two hours away from Oslo city).

The FBI claimed that the Russian computer was installed at the IP address as a delivery guy spyware programs. It is found out during carrying out special operation. When it became known about detention of the Russian citizen, the Russian Embassy in Norway tried to prevent his extradition to the United States.